Some projects and partnerships we are proud of.


Cubic Films is following actor and filmmaker Dustin Clare as he takes a trip around the world to discover the future of housing. From 3D printed homes to innovative construction technologies, to ways of building and refurbishing houses in a world with finite resources, The House That Wiki Built is a look at something that effects us all... the roof over our heads.


Recent article about Dustin in FilmInk and his approach to acting and filmmaking.



Love is Now is a mystery romance written and directed by Jim Lounsbury, starring Eamon Farren, Claire Van Der Boom, Dustin Clare, and Chris Haywood.

It was produced in a world-first partnership with global camera brand Nikon and was acquired by Universal Pictures for international distribution.

Official Trailer


As part of the film festival season, UBER funded an online short film festival inspired by interesting ways to share rides home.

We pitched 'Sleep Your Way Home' and shot this spot for UBER Australia, which played at Tropfest 2017, as well as featuring on their online festival, and through the UBER app in January-March. 



What happens when four friends from Australia start a community that quickly grows from a handful of people, to over 330,000, tapping into a worldwide movement of travellers living in vans and off the grid?

Vanlife Diaries follows the founders of the @vanlifediaries community as they hit the road to connect with other 'vanlifers' and learn about the ideals, struggles and philosophies that define the movement.

From the simplicity of sharing music and stories on the road, to the tiny house tiny footprint movement, to aligning with community restoring organisations, Vanlife Diaries is an adventurous, revealing look at a community that reveals a deeper societal trend towards minimalism and authentic community building.



Recent article about Vanlife Diaries and the documentary project on

Still frame from 'The Manifesto' for Vanessa Megan.

Still frame from 'The Manifesto' for Vanessa Megan.


Vanessa Megan is an award-winning organic skincare company who needed topical content to drive social engagement. It all started with redeveloping their blog and producing a series of collaborative content pieces anchored by The Manifesto, a strong brand positioning statement done in collaboration with likeminded companies Spell Designs and Bill Hicks Jewellery.

Cubic is now pulling together A-list talent and partners to work side by side with Vanessa Megan to create a global educational campaign to educate women about the dangers of chemicals in beauty products.

  • Blog Redesign
  • Topical Written Content
  • Content Strategy & Implementation
  • Collaborative Video Content
  • Global Education Campaign


Cubic is working with the Actors Centre Australia (ACA) to develop and produce an original web series created in collaboration with their extraordinary network of world class actors, artists and musicians.

When a man falls in love with a woman he is supposed to feed to the beasts of the underworld, he begins to kill residents of a Piazza to feed them in her place.

Stay tuned for more information in early 2017.

Director Jim Lounsbury & DP Anthony Jennings

Director Jim Lounsbury & DP Anthony Jennings


Wipster is an online video review platform that helps filmmakers collaborate and create better content. We like what they do so much that we recently worked with them on content about the importance of collaboration during production and post-production.

The Secret to Creating Successful Content Partnerships (Article over at

  • Collaborative Video Content
  • Topical Written Content