Cubic was started by Jim and Lynnette Lounsbury as a way to facilitate telling stories in innovative and unique ways.

We love collaborating on great stories, and have a passion for finding the partners, connections and distribution channels to ensure those stories are seen, shared and written about on the worlds most used platforms and networks.



Love is Now | Official Trailer

An award winning filmmaker, Jim Lounsbury is a natural collaborator and has worked with fellow artists, online communities, and some of the worlds biggest brands to explore new ways to engage with people through story.

From feature documentaries The Meaning of Vanlife [STAN] and The Aussie Who Baffled the World [National Geographic] to his feature film Love is Now [Universal], Jim is passionate about stories that explore nomadism and adventure, tackling big themes through the prism of personal stories.

Jim is managed by Keith Sweitzer at Paper Road  |  More on IMDB


A lecturer in History and Communications, Lynnette is an award winning author, and has written for numerous publications, such as The Guardian, Body and Soul, G Magazine, Hunter Lifestyle, White Magazine, YTravel and more.

Her latest novel, We Ate The Road Like Vultures, is a rollicking ode to the beat generation, and tells the story of Lulu, a young ingenue who finds Jack Kerouac alive and living in the frypan heat of Baja Mexico, with a strange cast of circus animals and his co-conspirator, Neal Cassady.

If Hunter S Thompson was a sixteen year old girl, jacked up on peyote and hormones and carrying around a nasty beat poet fetish, this is how she’d write. What glorious, clear, concise madness. Ms Lounsbury is one to watch, or more importantly, READ. —Rhys Muldoon

Lynnette's first novel, the YA mind-bender Afterworldwas shortlisted for the Aurelia Award for Fantasy, and made the Hollywood Blood List alongside Stephen King, for best new fantasies not yet adapted to the screen.

Lynnette is represented by Curtis Brown Australia.